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Milovia Two Part System Review

Tuesday, 7 January 2014  |  Heidi

Milovia Two Part System Review by Nappy Guru Susan

This style of nappy is something new to both my cloth bums: it’s a long flat insert which tucks into little fleece flaps at either end of the nappy cover. It was very simple to use, and you can easily reuse the cover multiple times. The inserts are really quite interesting – they are fleece topped, so you don’t need a separate liner; they are also more of a sponge texture than microfibre inserts usually are, which is especially noticeable when they are wet. They are excellent quality inserts, and are very compact to store in your bag when out, or in the bucket until laundry day.

I was able to get a good fit on both of my boys (about 20lb and 33lb respectively) by using the middle rise snaps for the smaller one; they don’t have a hip snap but this didn’t cause either of the boys a problem.  They are also very slim fitting if that is a priority for you! When first trying this on my heavy wetting 4.5 month baby I changed him after 3 hours, and found the insert wasn’t quite full – fantastic for him in microfibre! On my toddler I had an accidental 6 hour interval between changes due to a poorly timed sleep – the nappy was very heavy, but hadn’t wicked or leaked at all! I was highly impressed, but I still don’t think I’d trust it overnight though.

For anyone interested in using the cover with their existing nappies, I tried it over prefolds and Little Lamb size 2 bamboo fitteds too. Small prefolds tucked in nicely and stayed put well; the fitted was covered OK after a little fiddling around and I didn’t get any leaks, but it wasn’t the quickest of nappy changes.  The cover isn’t quite as versatile as I had hoped, but having said that the Milovia inserts are so good and dry so quickly (the fastest drying that I’ve ever used in fact) that I’d definitely recommend having them in your stash to go with the covers. The bundle deals at £21.95 for a cover and three inserts are excellent value for money compared to getting the equivalent 3 complete nappies you would need in other systems such as pockets or all in ones.

Overall I would recommend these nappies to anyone looking for something easy to use, quick to dry and slim fitting. Oh, and the prints are adorable too...

Click here to order Milovia 2-Part Nappies