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Saving Money with The Nappy Gurus

Thursday, 22 January 2015  |  Heidi


Reusable nappies are changing all the time (in more ways than one!). With manufacturers bringing out exciting new designs, prints and fabrics - some people seem to be literally addicted to buying them! But maybe you really want to use reusable to truly save money, maybe you are on a really small budget and maybe you don't think there is any need for any "fancy" nappies. Whatever your reason for choosing reusables, whatever your budget, there are options available! Nappy Guru Hazel explores ways to keep costs down when buying reusable nappies.

Back to Basics

Let's go back to square odsc06221ne, or should I say, to the terry square. The humble terry square is your best friend if you want to save money, but this option is also excellent as it's extremely versatile. You will need around 20 terry nappies, and some waterproof covers. There are many options for the waterproof covers ranging from nice popper fastening wraps made from a waterproof material, there are fleece wraps and there are velcro fastenings. Or you could knit your own wool soakers?

Gone are the days of sticking in nappy pins, some genius has invented a thing called a Nappy Nippa which holds your origami masterpiece in place! There are lots of ways to fold a terry square depending on the size of your baby. There are YouTube videos and online tutorials to be found. This link shows some basic ways to use a terry square – or "flat nappy"


So how much can I really save?
It is easy to spend money on disposable nappies, nappy sacks and disposable baby wipes in the first 2-3 years of infancy and at around 10-13p per nappy, you could be spending up to £1885 on nappies to get them to potty trainng! Now that is a lot of money to be putting in your dustbin!
Using disposable nappies will also cost you as a taxpayer. For every £1 spent on disposables, it costs the British tax payer 10p to dispose of them. Now that adds up! This is the reason why so many council authorities offer cash incentive schemes to encourage people to use reusable nappies. Speak to your local Guru for more details on your local incentives.
The long-term savings of switching to cloth nappies are obvious (including taking into account home laundering costs), and don't be fearful of an unreasonable initial outlay, starting with a few nappies and adding to your stash is absolutely fine!
It isn’t just terry squares that will save you money, The Nappy Gurus offer a Budget Nappy Kit consisting of 15 One Size Little Lamb Pocket nappies and accessories for only £99!

economy smart-stash hybrid


Pre Loved Nappies

To be even more frugal you can buy your nappies second hand! Sometimes people are selling on unused nappies at big discounts and things like a bucket can be picked up second hand or you can just use a storage box which has a lid. You can build your entire "stash" from second hand selling pages - try looking for local people selling items as you will get a better deal if they are not having to post out to you.TFRoyalBum_500-431x431

Cloth nappies which have a high price tag often have a very good resale value. So while shelling out might seem counter intuitive, but if you look after them carefully, you can recoup a lot of your initial outlay when you are finished. The Tots Bots ‘Royal Flush’ nappy, a commemorative nappy for the birth of Prince George, regularly fetches upwards of £60 on auction sites.
Local Nappy Libraries have a lot to offer, for a small deposit and fee, you can hire a kit of nappies to see what will suit you and your family without the risk losing money in nappies that aren’t suited to your situation.

So you can see that cloth nappies don't need to expensive, and in the long run can save you stacks of money compared to their disposable counterparts. If you want to find out more, or need some help getting the nappy solution that will work best for you, let The Nappy Gurus help you, that is why they are there!