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Training Pants - The Low Down

Thursday, 22 January 2015  |  Heidi
Having survived to tell the tale of 3 potty trainings, Nappy Guru Emma shares some tips on using reusable training pants!

They are, as they are described, pants for training little ones to use the toilet. They are therefore not designed to absorb a lot of fluid. Most brands look just like ‘normal pants’ but have a small built in absorbent layer in the crotch to catch little accidents. Maybe little one is running to the toilet but doesn’t make it, or maybe gets caught up pulling their pants down or even if you have nipped out and not been able to find a toilet in time. They will in fact absorb, in my experience, about 1 pee.trainers

As they are designed to teach little one to know when they are wet, they do keep the feeling of wet next to their skin and have got to be changed as soon as they are wet. This is so that your little one learns to understand when they have had an elimination as opposed to the super absorbent 'stay dry' feel of disposable nappies. However, there is no reason why you can’t add a fleece liner to draw the wetness away if you wanted to.  Depending on how wet they get they may keep your toddlers trousers dry but the majority of the time they will also get wet so if you are heading out remember extra trousers, socks and possibly shoes!grovia_trainer_detail

The trouble with training pants is sometimes people expect them to replace disposable pull ups. Unfortunately, nearly all styles/brands are not absorbent enough to be used as such. Baba & Boo, Blueberry, Bambino Mio, Charlie Banana, Pop-ins and Bright Bots are pretty much cotton boosted pants with an inbuilt waterproof layer.  Bumgenius Flips and Grovia My Choice pants can be boosted up to increase absorbency.

Grovia training pants can be used with different coloured side panels as per your toddler’s choice. Other brands can offer nice bright colours or patterns to choose from. A little tip to try to make it easier for parents is that Grovia and Totsbots come undone at the side. This means if you have a really dirty nappy you don’t have to try and pull it down their legs…… very messy believe me!!

In short, training pants are useful to keep your home a bit tidier during toilet training but they are not a replacement for a nappy. They can help bridge that gap from nappy to pants, a giant leap when you are little.

For more information on reusable nappies and training pants, contact your local Nappy Guru!