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Baba and Boo Review

Tuesday, 7 January 2014  |  Heidi

Testers- Poppy age 22 months (29lbs) and Ceitidh aged 9 weeks (11lbs)


Incredibly absorbent, I was very surprised! I initially put both boosters on Poppy and after 4 hours they could easily have held more. I used one booster for my second trial & it lasted 4 hours with no leaks or issues.

Ease of use

Nice and straightforward- fill the pocket & its ready to go. Ideal for someone new to cloth. One layer to put on and simple snaps to fasten. Simple to wash and dried overnight on the airer.


Poppy wears her Easyfits and GroVia fully unpoppered, but this had to be snapped down to the medium setting to fit, so would last a bigger child until potty training. The generous size meant that even on the smallest possible setting it was too big for Ceitidh. There was a lot of leg gape and the nappy leaked after about half an hour. It was also very bulky, bigger on the baby than her 2-parters and massive on the toddler with both inserts (fine with just one but far from being a slim fitting nappy) Good hip snaps as well as the waist snaps, so nice and adjustable to get a good fit on Poppy.


Fantastic quality. Really stands out as being better than “cheap pockets”. The pocket has soft, thick PUL and silky fleece lining, and the microfibre inserts are much thicker than most others. Lovely patterns too. I was pleasantly surprised.

Value for money

Very good value for money. Cost is not much more than “cheap pockets” but the quality is closer to the Blueberry Deluxe (the thick microfibre seems very similar). 


This would be a good choice of nappy for someone who is either coming to cloth a little later, or who plans to use small fitted nappies to begin with, and move to these after a few months. Ceitidh is an average sized baby and does not fit into it at almost 3 months, but I imagine she would by maybe 4 months. Perfect for a tall or chunky toddler.

Overall rating- 4/5

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